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No-Harm Pickling Acid

No-Harm Pickling Acid

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No-Harm Pickling Acid, the ideal solution for pickling your skins. This non-hazardous acid can be used as a primary pickling agent or to adjust the pH in a citric acid pickle. Its effectiveness is unparalleled, making it the perfect choice for any leatherworking project. Keep in mind that the amount needed to achieve the proper pH will vary depending on water hardness, with a recommended 1 oz. per gallon of solution.

Pickling instructions:

  • Start by adding 1lb of salt to 1 gallon of warm water (not exceeding 90 degrees).
  • For a 2.5-gallon pickle solution per deer cape, add the following amounts of No-Harm Acid or Citric Acid:
    • 3 oz per gallon for Citric Acid
    • ½ oz per gallon for No-Harm Acid
  • Aim for a pH of 1.5-2.
  • Soak skins for 24-48 hours, stirring the pickle solution daily.
  • Once shaved, leave the skins in the pickle solution overnight.
  • Adjust the pH as needed and re-shave the skins as necessary the next day.

Enjoy superior results with No-Harm Pickling Acid."



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