COBRA AK 20 'Plus' Leather Strap Cutting Machine

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Cobra AK 20 Leather Strap Cutting Machine has a full 20″ cutting widt. As a result the Cobra AK 20 will cut leather up to 16 oz. Complete with spacers and extra blades, Electronic Servo Motor and Stand.  It has a 14" wide cut and you can space out the blades however you need to cut the straps you like.  Spacing at 1.5" wide allows it cut out 9 belts at a time!  Included with the machine are multiple size spacers, Eight Blades, a tool kit, and like other Cobra machines, a heavy duty table, motor, and speed reducer.


  • Includes multiple size spacers
  • 15 cutting knives
  • 3/4 HP Variable Speed Brush-less Servo Motor
  • SR2 speed reducer
  • Heavy Duty drive unit with wheels
  • Includes Accessories

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Item # Cobra AK 20

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