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COBRA MP Burnisher

COBRA MP Burnisher

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Achieve the utmost finesse and perfection in your leatherwork without straining your hands or shoulders. With the Cobra MP Burnisher, not only can you finely adjust the stand to the most comfortable height but also ensure impeccable sanding and burnishing for a truly professional finish. You'll be saving time and effort, leaving more opportunities to relax and lift your favorite drink!

Unparalleled Control and Versatility:

  • Performance: Multi-purpose functionality ensuring complete control.
  • Speed: Variable settings ranging from 2000 to 3450 RPM.
  • Adjustability: Comes with an adjustable stand tailored to your comfort.
  • Components: Cocobolo Wheel, 40 Grit Sanding Wheel, 120 Grit Sanding Wheel, and a handy Supply Tray.

Warranty & Details:

Every Cobra MP Burnisher is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on the motor, ensuring your investment is protected.

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