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Lipa-Solv 77: Taxidermy Degreaser

Lipa-Solv 77: Taxidermy Degreaser

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A bio-degradable solvent-based product perfect for all your degreasing needs. Its unique formula is gentle on the pH of your pickling solution and highly concentrated, requiring only 1 ounce per gallon of water.

Instructions for Use

  1. Mix 1 ounce of Lipa-Solv 77 with 1/2 lb of salt and 90-degree water per gallon of solution.
  2. Soak the hides in the solution for at least 3-4 hours with frequent agitation.
  3. For best results, degrease the hides after the final shaving process.
  4. Transfer the hides from the pickling solution to the degreasing bath, then back to the pickling solution overnight.
  5. Finally, move on to the tanning steps.
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