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COBRA NP 4 Bell Knife Skiving Machine

COBRA NP 4 Bell Knife Skiving Machine

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When it comes to professional leather skiving, the COBRA NP4 stands out as a leader in its class. Designed to provide precision, power, and longevity, this machine ensures that each leather piece is skived with utmost accuracy. Whether you're working on intricate designs or large leather pieces, the COBRA NP4 caters to every leatherworker's needs.

Prime Features:

  • Knife Type: Bell Knife Skiver, ensuring precise cuts.
  • Feed Mechanism: Bottom Feed for smooth leather passage.
  • Sharpening: Built-in Knife Sharpener keeps your blade in peak condition.
  • Guidance: Heavy Duty Guide for exact skiving.
  • Speed: Fully Adjustable with a Digital D.C. Servo Motor.
  • Mobility: Drive Unit With Wheels for easy movement.
  • Extras: Comes with valuable accessories to enhance your skiving experience.

Warranty & Identification:

Every COBRA NP4 Leather Skiving Machine comes with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty, ensuring its quality and durability. Identify this exceptional tool with its unique code: Item # Cobra NP-4.

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