COBRA Class 29-18 (Patch Machine)

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COBRA Patch Machine

Sew patches on leather vests!  Narrow cylinder arm allows easy insertion into pockets or boots!  The presser foot rotates 360 degrees so you can change the direction of the stitch without realigning the item being sewn!

Features an 18″ Cylinder Arm.  Will sew leather and fabrics up to 1/4″ (16 oz) in thickness.  Needles sized from #14 – #22.  The large Balance wheel can be mounted either on the end of the main shaft or on the front of the machine.  Stand included in price.


  • Shoe Patch Machine
  • 18″ Arm
  • Big Bobbin
  • 46,69,92,138 Thread
  • 5-25 SPI
  • Sews up to 16 oz
  • Digital D.C. Servo Motor
  • Heavy Duty Speed Reducer
  • Pedestal Stand on Wheels
  • Accessories

“Limited Lifetime Warranty” on all COBRA products from the manufacturer.

Item # Cobra 29-18

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