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  • Cobra MP Burnisher - American Leatherworks

    COBRA MP Burnisher

    Cobra MP Burnisher The perfect professional addition for your leatherworking needs. Perfect for finishing all of your products with a professional look. Adjust the stand (if ordered) to a comfortable height, sand your edges and corners, burnish your edges (slick them down) for the perfect professional look! Save yourself countless hours of work and save your hand, arm, shoulder, and neck strength for lifting drinks! Multi Purpose Complete Control Variable Speed 2000 -3450 RPM Includes: Adjustable Stand Cocobolo Wheel 40 Grit Sanding Wheel 120 Grit Sanding Wheel Supply Tray (3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Motor) Item # Cobra MP Burnisher https://americanleatherworks.com/leather-machines/

    $525.00 - $575.00


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