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White (Cream) Supple Elk Hide ~27.5 sq. ft

White (Cream) Supple Elk Hide ~27.5 sq. ft

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Elk Hide.  Very Scarce White (cream) Supple Elk Hide. A treasure for any leatherworking artisan. The scratches and holes and rough edges are signatures of this fine beast.

Whether you're looking to craft a luxurious handbag, a cozy pair of slippers, or a rugged yet stylish jacket, this elk hide is the perfect material for the job. Its supple texture makes it easy to work with, while its natural white color provides a blank canvas for your creativity.

Measuring approximately 27.5 square feet, this elk hide is a generous size that allows for plenty of creativity and experimentation. Its quality and durability ensure that your finished product will be both long-lasting and stunning.

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