Singer 29K70 Sewing Machine (Great for Sewing Patches)

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For stitching boots, shoes, and other tubular work in leather and fabrics. The needle easily swivels to change direction of the stitch.  You don't have to turn the fabric you're sewing on.


  • Universal Upper Feed for Stitching in any direction without turning the work. 
  • Single Needle, Lock Stitch.
  • Stop Motion Hand Wheel - Releases hand wheel from stitching mechanism for bobbin winding. 
  • Horizontal Oscillating Shuttle.
  • Eccentric Adjustment for Shuttle Timing.
  • Cylinder Bed.
  • Replaceable Steel Horn. 
  • Stitch Length: 7 to 15 to the inch, depending on material being stitched and operations performed.
  • Pressure Foot rise during feeding action: 1/4 inch - (Maximum clearance: 3/8 inch).
  • Double End Needle Plate - (two sizes of needle holes at each end for various sizes of needles).
  • Adjustable Thread Take-up Lever.
  • Two Speed Machine Pulley.

This machine has an electric motor to drive the pulley and comes with a foot pedal and service manual.

Serial Number EF 100742 

Made in the United States of America in 1949

This video is not our machine, but the mechanics are similar.  We put it in here to help you with the thread and needles.  These antiques are a little finicky.

Machines 29K71, 29K72 and 29K73, are all similar to this machine