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 Lubri-Stretch 2000 A high quality solvent oil replacement. This oil is specially blended for deep penetration and superior softness. Lubri-Stretch 2000 is recommended for use on any and ALL back skins and rug work. Its pH is 6, and its charge is anionic. Low odor.


“I have started using the TruBond products and last week I took a piece of zebra skin that was tanned in Africa over 20 years ago and it was stiff as a board. I spritzed it with water and then oiled it with Lubri-stretch 2000 and the next morning when I came in, I pulled on it to see if it had softened up and I was shocked at the stretch and how soft it became with a little effort. It is soft enough to make a pillow and it impressed me at how little it took to make it usable. I had kept it around for patching rugs and mounts and never thought it would be good for anything but that. TruBond has some good products and is all I use now on all our tanning. I tan all our African skins also and the products they sell for soaking up skins are good also.”

Marty Prater

All Creatures Taxidermy, Corpus Christi, TX.