American Leatherworks Crafter’s Bench

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This Crafter's Bench is made specifically for the crafter.  Made in the United States of America with a hard rock maple butcher block working surface and southern yellow pine frame with gunstock stain and a satin finish.   Stand or sit while you work.  The ergonomics of this baby are impressive with a recessed desktop that allows you a slight wrap around feel while working.  Easily reach for your tools or craft supplies that fit nicely into the compartments mounted on the side.  Place more tools, mementos or photos directly in front of you in the compartments or on top of the shelf.  We've mounted a pull-out aluminum catch tray that you can sweep remnants into for easy disposal or saving.  Just pull out the tray, brush your remnants in, and remove the tray to empty it.  

We love this Crafter's Bench so much we engraved our name into it!


Height:  36" 

Length:  60"

Width:  30"

Weight:  260 lbs

Capacity:  1,500 lbs.

Five 2.25" deep compartments are mounted on left and right sides. 

Pull-out removable catch tray mounted beneath recessed workspace.

Includes:  Bench Top, Rear Backsplash, four 3.5" x 3.5" wooden legs with steel screw-adjusted levelers, and wooden undercarriage for storage.

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