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Leather Shell Pouch

Price: $78.00

This rugged leather shell pouch is great for skeet shooting or bird hunting where rapid access to live shells and easy drop of used shells is critical.  It features a divider to segregate live shells from empties and the flexible curved divider allows keeping the shells in a box or emptying them into the compartment to carry more than one box.  It also features a cell phone holder that faces the front when worn on the right so you can easily answer calls or you can video record your shoot with your phone.  There is no metal so it can travel with you easily.  High strength stitching and solid Kansas craftsmanship make this bag a lifetime purchase.  Measures approximately 10 ½” h x 7 ½” w at widest and highest points.  The belt loop comfortably fits a 2 ½” belt.  "Powder Creek logo patch is standard on face of pouch.