8-10 oz. U.S. Bull-hide Veg-Tan Leather (Double Shoulders) 2-Pack

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8-10 oz. Veg-Tan Leather (Double Shoulders) 2-Pack.  These are USA Bull-hides tanned in Mexico.  The artist (crafter) will love these because they have some character and are perfect for carving or tooling.  They will have some healed over scratches and slight imperfections.  They will have a slight variance in thickness.  Thickness is most often 8 to 9 oz. but expect some variance.  The backs are clean with no undercuts.  The shape is very consistent and easy to use for projects.  Great for making knife sheaths or holsters and belts (you can get up 55"-60" in length).  We started carrying these specifically for our customers who purchase the Cobra Class 14 leather splitter.  Very cost effective!!


Type:  Vegetable Tanned Leather, Double Shoulders

Size:  2 sides averaging 13.5 to 17.5 square feet each.

Thickness:  8-10 oz. (1/8" - 5/32")

Item #:  AL-6